Beso’s Sunday Nap   2 comments

Sunday is a good time to catch up on your sleep.
Napping Beso

It’s hard work being a kitten!
Napping Beso (Close-Up)


Posted 2012-02-27 by Mr. Guilt in animals, Beso, cats, Family, felis silvestris catus

2 responses to “Beso’s Sunday Nap

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  1. Beso has the sweetest napping face ever! Paws make the best pillows.

    Yes we did indeed receive the package! Happy thank you *purrs* from all of us. We got it few days ago actually, but I haven’t gotten my act together to post it yet. The Miaolings *love* the mousie. What a wonderful surprise!! And Luna’s photo is on our fridge. Sprocket gave it a nose-bump. Kemi licked it. I have a big snow leopard somewhere but she seems to be lost. I was hoping she could make an appearance with the snow leopard mouse. Maybe one day. Your gift was definitely the highlight of my Miao’s week. :D

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