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On a visit to IKEA a few months ago, I came across a selection of A4 and A5 notebooks called Anständig. These ran $2 and $1, respectively, and as of my last visit (maybe a month ago), there was still a stack in their West Chester, Ohio store. I bought an A4 notebook to see how it compared.
Anständig Notebook Cover
This notebook seems to follow the trend started by Moleskine and perfected by Rhodia: a simple notebook with an elastic strap to keep it closed. There are three immediately obvious differences. First, it has a spiral rather than “book” binding. For a journal, I prefer the book binding, but find a spiral binding more practical for work. The spiral binding provides the option of folding the notebook back on itself, allowing for easier writing while standing, and taking up less room at a conference table. Second, the cover is simple cardboard rather than leather-like. Finally, it lacks the rear pocket.

Anständig Notebook Opened

They only offer an unlined option. The demo models had a plastic sheet with heavy printed lines punched to “clip” in the spiral binding. This would allow lines to show through the paper–a solution I’ve implemented on my own unlined notebooks. As you might expect, it isn’t quite as high quality as Rhodia, though I find the paper better than Moleskine.
Anständig Writing Sample Front
There is a bit of feathering with wet inks, but it is only significant on a 1921 Parker Lucky Curve, my broadest, wettest fountain pens. Bleed-through was much better than the Moleskine. Aside from the Sharpies (which I kinda expected), it’s the Lucky Curve that comes through, and then much less than the Moleskine.
Anständig Writing Sample Back
My main quibble is the elastic strap. It is rounded rather than flat, making a small dent in the journal. Further, the anchors are not covered, and able to push in and out.
Anständig Band Anchor
This left a dent in the last page. For $2, I can live without the last page (usually, I’m moving on to a new notebook).
Anständig Band Dent
Overall, I like the Anständig better than Moleskine, but not as well as other notebooks I’ve used. However, for the price, it is a very interesting alternative. It’s certainly good for a semi-disposable notebook, or for one to give to a child getting their feet (or fingers wet in fountain pens.

Posted 2012-02-26 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

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