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When I was last at the zoo, one of the cougars, Joseph, was close to the front of his enclosure.

I thought it was an opportunity to take a picture with him. I set up my camera on a GorillaPod, and waited for the crowd to die down. My first attempt was aimed too low–I got a great shot of my goate.
Me & Joseph #1

The crowds came back. Typical of things I heard (especially to small children):

  1. “Look at the big kitty.”
  2. “It’s a cheetah!”
  3. “Do you think that’s bigger than Fluffy?”
  4. “It’s a lion!”
  5. “I think Rex is bigger.”
  6. “It’s a tiger!”
  7. “I think he wants to eat you.”

Me & Joseph #2

Actually, what I found interesting was that at least two people told stories of encounters with them in the wild. It must have been both frightening and amazing!

My second window came, but I didn’t have many windows between waves of people before Joseph went to pester his brother. My aim was better, but I couldn’t time the right shot with the cat.
Me & Joseph #3

After Joseph left, I went to take a picture by myself.
Self Portait


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