Cats with Black Feet versus Black-Footed Cats   3 comments

The International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC), has declared February, the shorted month of the year, the month of the Black-Footed Blitz, one of the smallest of the cat family. They are posting a picture of a wild black-footed cat every day. Luna wants to make sure everyone understands the difference between a black-footed cat, and a cat merely with black feet.

Black Footed Cat, for Comparison

Black-footed cats
weigh in at around 2.5-5.5 pounds–half that of a house cat. They are known as the “ant-hill tiger,” as they are very fierce. In Africa, it is said that this tiny cat can take down a giraffe–merely a legend, but speaks to their ferocity relative to their size.

Cat with Black Feet

Luna, on the other hand, is a domestic cat who happens to have black feet. In spite of believing she’s a hacker-ninja, her species is not a fraction as ferocious as the black-footed cat. Instead, they prefer to have a snuggle.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion, and you can enjoy ISEC’s Black-Footed Blitz this month.


3 responses to “Cats with Black Feet versus Black-Footed Cats

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  1. I had never heard of the black-footed cat. I have several cats with black feet, however.
    I love learning about species new to me. Thanks for sharing, I think I’ll do some more googling about black-footed cats!

    • Glad to have introduced you to a new small cat species. Be sure to follow the black-footed blitz at ISEC. They are going to have a lot of pictures and stories about this small but amazing cat.

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