Red Shouldered Hawk on the Little Miami Trail   Leave a comment

LTM BridgeA couple months ago, while riding my bike on the Little Miami Trail, a hawk flew next to me–right at head level. He pulled ahead, then up into a tree. I coasted a few hundred feet just amazed at what I saw–definitely a reason why I ride my bike. A few weeks ago, in the same spot, I saw two sitting on branches.

Given that that appeared to be where they hung out, as well as a number of nests visible in the naked trees, it seemed reasonable to find them there. However, I wasn’t going to take my DSLR on my bike–seeing them has been too inconsistent to make it worth the weight and the risk. I decided today to drive to roughly that spot and walk the trail with my camera. Would I see the hawks?

Within minutes of getting on the trail, I saw one sitting in the tree. It was quite calm, and let me get close. I am not an expert in birds, but I believe it is a red-shouldered hawk. The other hawk that is in the area is a red-tailed hawk, and this bird’s tail was, well, not red.
Over the Shoulder

It was quite impressive. I was especially taken with its talons.
Hawk from the Front

It did fly from tree to tree, though during only one of these moves was I able to react quickly enough.
Flying to a Stop

The only other bird I saw on this cold afternoon was a cardinal, providing bright color on this day.

I had spent an hour debating if it was worth trying to go before getting in the car. As I said, while I was confident the hawks called that place home, I was not sure they would be there when I got there. I was definitely rewarded with by being able to be in the presence of this magnificent creature.
On a Branch and Proud


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