The Christmas Snow Leopard Came Early   5 comments

The cats were ready for their present. So, the Christmas Snow Leopard came tonight rather than tomorrow. Probably easier on the roof that way. Each cat got a toy mouse from the Snow Leopard Trust.
Luna's Mouse
The mice were made in Mongolia. Shepherds used to kill snow leopards, as they were viewed as a threat to their flock. The Snow Leopard Trust buys goods such as these mice from these nomadic communities in exchange for their protecting the snow leopards. It’s a win-win for the people and the cats.
Beso Unwraps His Mouse
The cats seem to enjoy them. Beso got a yellow one, which matched his fur. Luna got a pink one (because she’s a girl). Eddy got a brown one, as it was the only unassigned color. However. they are quite willing to share–even if someone else’s mouse is just a few inches closer.
Eddy Plays with Luna's Mouse
I think it’s great my house cats can have fun and help a wild cats.
Luna Plays with Beso's Mouse
Below, a snow leopard cub at the Chattanooga Zoo, taken March, 2011.
Snug Behind Mom

5 responses to “The Christmas Snow Leopard Came Early

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  1. sweet idea. great pics

  2. They certainly look like they are enjoying their presents – Merry Catmas!!

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