Stalking the Night Hunters   6 comments

As you may recall, I’ve been frustrated by the “Night Hunters” exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. It’s become nearly impossible to take good photos there.
Caitlin & Rebecca by the Christmas Tree
As an early Christmas present, I got a bit of technology to help. I’m going to have to learn how to tune it, but I may have cracked it!

Unfortunately, the fishing cats choose to stay out of sight. Some of my other favorites were out. One I’ve been quite taken with lately is the clouded leopard, with his great camouflage.
Camouflaged in the Trees
The clouded leopard has to things that I find cool. First, it has, in my opinion, the coolest scientific name of any of the cats: Neofelis nebulosa. The other thing has to do with its teeth. Relative to their body size, clouded leopards have the largest canines of any of the cats. Their fangs are the same size as those of a tiger.
Yawning Clouded Leopard

The black-footed cats were quite active.
Sharp BFC

One sand cat slept…
Sleepy Sand Cat

…while the other snubbed.
San Cat Snub

Though one eventually walked around a bit.
Coming Down the Mountain

The caracal dozed behind a rock.
Shy Caracal

The ocelot pondered life.
Pensive Ocelot

As I said, I still need to learn a bit about how to tune for the lighting. This binturong shows how far I have to go on that front.
Little Binturong

This Eurasian owl posed with his toy.
Eurasian Owl & Toy

Outside the Night Hunters is the domain of the cougars.
Big KItty is Watching You

While walking, we saw some keepers taking their cows for a walk.
Taking the Cows for a Walk

The lionesses were acting like bookends.
Lioness Bookends
Across from their enclose, a crew was working on the lights display. The one on the left watched them very intently. Obviously, feline supervision is true for cats of any size.

The polar bears were sharing a stick!
Polar Bears Sharing a Stick

While a bit gloomy, it was a good day at the zoo.
Rhino Nutcracker


6 responses to “Stalking the Night Hunters

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  1. My family has been talking about getting to the Cinnci zoo sometime soon….and this post just makes me want to get there even quicker!

    • The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the best in the country–I think I only like San Diego’s zoo (combining both the main zoo and the Wild Animal Park) better. They are one of the top facilities for small cats, and have the most successful cheetah breeding program in the country.

      I’d say go this summer. The cheetahs will be running. Also, hopefully by then Cat Canyon, a new place for the tigers, cheetahs and snow leopards, will be open.

      Where are you located?

  2. Nice pictures. I like the “black-footed cats were quite active” one the best.

    (That was me at the grocery yesterday. I still don’t know how to pronounce my online moniker so introductions get awkward.)

    • Took me a sec, but I knew it was you. :)

      The Night Hunters Exhibit is a difficult place to take pictures. The low light plus a moving cat present challenges when trying to get a sharp picture. That said, the BFC picture was probably my best in the building yesterday. Glad you liked it.

  3. I am in SE Michigan and one of my kids lives in Cleveland area, while the other one lives in North Canton, OH. I would love to gather them all up and go to that zoo!

  4. I also live in Cincinnati…and also recently took photos at the zoo! I especially liked your lioness photos! ~Sherry~

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