Five Batches of Pralines   2 comments

Around the holidays, I make pralines. Somewhat of a tradition. This year, I think I made the most I ever did: five batches.

Wrapped for teachersOne batch was for us. The balance went to other folks, including:

  • An event for Ohio Alleycat Resource, the group we adopted Beso and Luna from.
  • A batch that was split between my office and my wife’s. Mine went pretty quickly.
  • A batch for my daughter’s teachers. This is one I’m kinda proud of. My wife thought we should do a bit better than the ziplock bag I usually put them in. I had some clear cellophane wrap, so I figured out a really creative way to wrap them. The results are to the right, and, like I said, I’m really pleased with how they came out.
  • The final batch, made today, was for my daughter’s piano and dance recital.

NutsThe recipe is quite simple, and, I suppose it is a family recipe (or at least I’ve come to treat it as such). All told, I used a fair amount of stuff. Each batch had a pound of pecans–I buy them in bulk from Sam’s club. One-and-a-quarter pounds of butter were used this season. My teeth ache just thinking about all the sugar (white and brown) I went through.

However, I know they are also a very popular treat, and I’m glad I can share a little bit of Louisiana with all my friends in Ohio. And, if someone were to ask me right now, I’m sure I’d be heating up a pot and spreading out some wax paper.
The Last Batch(?)

Posted 2011-12-18 by Mr. Guilt in food

2 responses to “Five Batches of Pralines

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  1. Oh these look FANtastic. I LOVE pecans and butter! And chocolate makes me sick these days, so pralines it is!!!
    Thanks SO much for the recipe!

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