Fountain Pens Don’t Like Moleskine   3 comments

I was having a discussion on Twitter with other fountain pen users. There was a general sense that fountain pens don’t work well with Moleskine notebooks. Note the bleed-through. A fountain page was used on the pack of the page scanned (where you see pencil).

Moleskine Bleedthrough

I tend to think of it the other way around–that it is a failure of the paper Molskine puts in their notebook.


Posted 2011-11-18 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

3 responses to “Fountain Pens Don’t Like Moleskine

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  1. agreed – Moleskine totally fails with their paper quality

  2. I spent some time this evening going through some of my old Moleskine journals. I noticed that the quality of the paper has consistently gone down with time. I’m specifically talking about the hardcover pocket-sized books. The paper from 2005 feels about twice as thick as the paper from 2010.

    I just use a regular old red ink pen, of course.

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