Dozing Luna   8 comments

Little Miss Luna naps. I love how she has her tail curled up so modestly.
Curled Tail

I’ve convinced myself (though I will allow for wishful thinking) that she is a black-on-black tabby, much like spots on a “panther.” You can see what I regard as stripes on her leg and near her eye. I traced over them for comparison on the right.
Tabby Stripes?Tabby Stripes? (Highlights)

What do y’all think?


Posted 2011-10-02 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

8 responses to “Dozing Luna

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  1. There was a discussion at little miao’s about cats…supposedly all cats are tabby at the base. I have two solid blacks (Darwin and Stingbean) who you could see the stripes when they were babies…just like you can on Luna.
    Now they look black.
    I have a Luna, too, but she is calico and she is Darwin and String’s mom. :)

    • Luna’s full name is “Luna Nueva,” Spanish for “New Moon.” My wife, an astronomy fan, thought ti was a good name for a black cat.

      The discussion at Little Miao’s is what inspired me taking some good photos of her stripes, and highlighting them.

  2. I see the stripes! That is so cool.

    My brother’s 7 month tuxkitty used to have the subtle stripes on his sides and now I can only see them on his tail. black rings on a black tail.

    • I notice them mostly on her legs. If I compare her legs to Beso’s, they clearly show a family trait. I posted this pic before–at original resolution (and the monitor tilted just so), you can see them:
      Ball of Kittens

  3. New Moon is perfect for a black cat!

  4. Absolutely, she’s a black on black tabby! And I’m an expert because…um..uh…I’m a cow-spotted cat.

  5. When I was visiting my brother, I still noticed some latent striping on his 6.5-month-old tux kitty. It was quite exciting. Maybe Luna won’t lose her stripes after all. :)

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