16.21 Miles Back on Route 8   4 comments

I haven’t done this route much this year, as I’ve kinda burnt out on it. On fact, this is my first time on it this summer.

…and y’all were worried this was turning into a cat blog.


Posted 2011-09-03 by Mr. Guilt in Cycling, Route Tracking

4 responses to “16.21 Miles Back on Route 8

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  1. No water bottle? I just did my first ride in over four years today. Weak as a kitten especially leaning on my arms. Life at a computer tends to evolve upper extremities like those of a kangaroo, withered (except the digits). Left home at 7am and did 12 miles before it got to 90 degrees. Has been 100 plus lately. I will definitely ride again soon.

    • I use a CamelBak, which gives me 70 ounces of water (well more than two large bottles). It makes me odd among roadies, but works for me.

      Better weather is upon us.

  2. I remember this route. I love the way you take a picture of your bike :) You are great about exercising and seem to enjoy your bike a lot. That is good. So many people hate to exercise. And you get outdoors too. Even better.

    Freedom Smith
    • Thanks–having something you enjoy doing that happens to be exercise makes it easy.

      I like to but tge bike in as a stand-in for me. “I really rode here!”

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