Dream Curl   3 comments

My daughter thought the kittens needed a big cat tree. My wife and I were skeptical, but a second scratching post might have been in order. This morning, my daughter and I found a compromise: the Dream Curl.

The wave shape allows for all sorts of fun, with a dangly toy underneath.
Checking Out the Dream Curl

Entering from Both Sides

Beso loves it!
Beso Loves the New Toy

So does Luna!
Luna Rolls

Beso has decided that Eddy is his mentor. Does the dream curl meet with his hero’s approval?
Waiting for His Mentor's Approval

Eddy Approves!
Eddy Approves

And, I got my first photo of all three cats at once (Luna is in the back, investigating my daughter’s toy).
All Three Cats!

Beso is a handsome kitten.
Handsome Beso

Luna is…um…adventurous!
Luna on the Fireplace Screen


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