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You would think we’d be getting our fill of cats with Eddy, Beso, and Luna. However, we decided to go to the zoo earlier this week. The cheetah keeper was giving a talk, and who better to demonstrate the grace of a cheetah but Miss Nia!
Happy Cheetah Girl

Isn’t she a beautiful girl?
Pretty Nia

Cheetahs don’t hunt in the afternoon. At that time, they usually lounge in the shade. The same seems true of cat ambassadors.
Lounging Cheetah

Do you remember the cougar cubs from last November? They have grown up a bit. Techumseh played with a toy that looks much like what our kittens play with.
Tecumseh Climbs

Joseph, his brother, hung out up high.
Joseph Watches

Did you know cougars didn’t mind the odd swim? Perhaps they’ve been hanging out with the fishing cats?
Nice Day for a Dip

Speaking of fishing cats, we did watch them get fed. Unfortunately, the Night Hunters exhibit is still…lacking. This picture was tweaking every setting on my camera, then everything I could do after the fact. I miss the old Cat House!!!
Can't Take Fishing Cat Pictures at Night Hunters Anymore


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