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The kittens have been settling in now. We’re in the process of introducing them to Eddy, but are mostly juggling them—sometimes Beso and Luna get to run around; other times, Eddy. Last night, at about 10:45, we took the kittens out. One of us picked up Luna, and held her for a bit. She wiggled free, and landed…funny.

We watched Luna chase her brother. While there was no obvious lose of speed, she was trying not to put her left rear leg down. We watched her and debated for five minutes. I realized we wouldn’t get any sleep, so I took her to the emergency vet.

I neglected to grab the carrier, so she sat in the seat next to me. Then in the console between the front seats. By the time we pulled up, she was in my lap, purring. I took her in and started to sign in when I doubted for a sec there was a problem. Me and two receptionists all saw the limp. So, they took her back while I filled out paperwork.

Question from the form: How long have you had this pet?
Four days. I’m a horrible pet owner!

Fourty-five minutes later, they sent me to an examine room. A technician came in with Luna and set her down. She asked about the timeline while we watch her walk around like nothing happened. We discussed X-rays, and she went back to talk to the vet, taking Luna with her.

The vet came in, and, again, we watched Luna walk around like nothing happened, standing on her hind legs. When she jumped in the chair, the vet decided: everything is stable, and was likely going to be fine, given her improving before our very eyes. We wouldn’t x-ray, but would monitor it, taking her to our regular vet in the morning if things went back to a full limp. She did seem to be favoring it, indicating a bit of pain, so between that and a desire to ensure she rested overnight, the vet gave her a shot.

Everyone commented on what a good and cute kitten she is. The gentleman who checked us out was happy to play with her while I signed us out and paid. On the ride home, she sat in my lap and purred the whole way home.

This morning, it was as if nothing happened.

Checking Out

For me and my wife, this was a moment of terror. For Miss Luna, it was just another kitten adventure.


Posted 2011-08-12 by Mr. Guilt in cats, felis silvestris catus, Luna

2 responses to “Emergency Vet!

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  2. eegads! glad it all worked out fine!

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