Kittens!   6 comments

We adopted a pair of kittens. Please let me introduce Nueva Luna (“New Moon”), Luna for short.

And her brother, Beso del Sol (“Kiss of the Sun”). His friends call him Beso.

Moon and Sun–get it?

We originally applied to adopt them a few weeks ago, but Luna lost a bit of weight, so the shelter, Ohio Alleycat Resource, wanted to wait until she was back up to at least her original weight. She’s small, but determined, the bravest of the pair.

Both have incredibly loud purrs. Beso will purr pretty much if you tap him on the shoulder.

I also think he’s part serval.

Luna seems to enjoy “Phineas and Ferber.”

I’m sure you’ll hear more about there adventures (along with Eddy).

Posted 2011-08-09 by Mr. Guilt in Beso, cats, felis silvestris catus, Luna

6 responses to “Kittens!

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  1. Congratulations on getting a couple new feline friends. I look forward to their future adventures.

    I have no idea what Beso is going after in the video, but he sure seems to be an energetic little fella.

  2. very cute – congrats on the additions!

  3. I don’t usually write things like this, but awwwwwwww!

    Healthy and happy little pals.

  4. congrats on the feline additions to your family. they look cute and playful. nothing is quite as playful as a kitten.

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