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We spent the afternoon at the 2011 Dayton Air Show (also known as the “United States Air and Trade Show”), in spite of the heat and humidity.

They had many cool aircraft on static display. This T-45 seemed to capture the mascot of my alma mater.
Redhawk T-45

NASA had two interesting airplanes. One was an F-18, used as a chase plane.

Even more interesting was the “Super Guppy.” This cargo plane is used to move rocket parts.
Super Guppy, Side View
The whole front of the plane is the door.
Super Guppy, Front/Open View

I always like walking through the C-5.
C-5 Galaxy

In the air, a B-2 flew overhead.
B-2 Spirit

The B-1B demonstrated it’s ability to swing its wings backward.
B-1, Wings Out

B-1, Swept Back

An F-18F Super Hornet gave an impressive Demonstration.
F-18, Condensation Shock Wave

Hornet Climb

The F-18 also got to participate in a “Legacy Flight” with a World War Two era F4U Corsair.
F4U & F-18 Legacy Flight

The Corsair demonstrated its capabilities.

Rolling Corsair

The closing act was the USAF Thunderbirds.
Thunderbirds Photo Pass

Inverted & Not

Diamond Roll

Delta Pass

Delta Approach


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