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Members’ Night at the Cincinnati Zoo   3 comments

Last Friday night was Members’ Night at the zoo. Naturally, my family and I were anxious to go check it out. We got to see the second Cheetah Encounter of the season. Minnow was there!

She is quite the lovely fishing cat…

As always, she made quite the splash

Jambo demonstrated the serval’s ability to leap high, to catch birds.

One thing I love about the felidae family is that they are simultaneously so different, yet so similar. I can often see the sameness between Eddy and the cats at the zoo. For instance, isn’t this a quintessential cat look?

The cheetahs ran. First, Chase, who is almost seven.

I’ve been following Nia Faye since she was six weeks old. She’s coming up on her second birthday, and boy is she getting fast!

Her trainers mentioned she keeps getting faster.

I still think she is the world’s cutest cheetah.

The new exhibit this year is the first phase of their revamping of their cat area. They started by merging the cat house with the nocturnal house, to create “Night Hunters.”

I don’t like it.

They took out a good number of cat species–snow leopard, bobcats, lynxes (Eurasian, Canadian, and Siberian), and I think the geofroy’s cat. In the new room, they now have bats, bintarongs, and aardwolfs. I find this sad, as the Cincinnati Zoo was known for its small cat collection. In the long term, this may be resolved, but I don’t like it.

Further, I find the exhibit too dark. Perhaps when the animals have some time to adapt, it will be better. Facebook opinion was mixed, including more than a few complaints about how dark it is (even accounting for the notional aspect of the exhibit). Everything had a blue tint to it.

In some areas, I was able to tweak my white balance, and get a better look, such as with this black footed cat.

My plan is to go back on a less crowded day and after they’ve had a chance to tune the exhibit. Still, I’m still skeptical about the change.

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