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We have a Brita water filter on our kitchen faucet. I think the coupler wasn’t quite right or perhaps broken, as it started to fall off the faucet. I called Brita, and they sent out (for free) a new set of couplers. Instead of the cheesy plastic, these were strong metal.

None of them fit properly.

Out of frustration, I removed the faucet. A part fell out, and, when I reassembled it, the faucet leaked. I thought it was a simple part swap–just the spigot. I went to Lowe’s, and learned I would need to replace the whole assembly. I realized it was going to be a bigger job than I initially thought. I went home to tell my wife. I also found the part. It proved to fix the leak.

However, during all this, we noticed the sheer accumulation of gunk that had accumulated in the thirteen years we lived here, plus the fourteen years before that since they remodeled. Yuck.

When I was at Lowe’s, the salesman I spoke with indicated it wouldn’t be too difficult to install a new one myself. My wife and I made another visit, and picked out a new faucet.

A bit of measuring mandated another trip for a few parts.

After an hour and a half, I had the new one installed, and it seems to work well. I generally don’t think of myself as handy, but I feel like I did pretty good.


Posted 2011-05-02 by Mr. Guilt in house

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