Pie Crust Confusion!   2 comments

Back in 2009, my wife asked me to make her a French Silk Pie for her birthday. I did, with a Graham cracker crust. She said it was the best one she ever had.

Passover was right around the corner. Looking at the recipe, it appeared to be OK, though I’d have to find a kosher-for-Passover crust. I found a pecan crust that fit the bill from a scan of Hi-Tech Jewish Cooking, on Google Books. This was before they actually sold books; just scans of some materials. It complemented the chocolate filling well, so it became an annual tradition.

For whatever reason–laziness, simplicity of the recipe, assuming it’d always be online, whatever–I never bothered to print up the recipe for the crust. This year, when I looked up the recipe, it said it was unavailable, or I hit my viewing limit. About twenty minutes of panic ensued, then my wife found I had emailed her enough of it to make it:

2 Cups Pecans
¼ Cup Sugar

1. Preheat oven to 375°
2. Put ingredients in work bowl of a food processor. Spin until a paste is formed (from the oils in the nuts).
3. Spread into pie pan, as evenly as you can
4. Bake for 10 Minutes

Crusts made, and French Silk goodness ensued.

To cap it off, my wife found the book at the library, and snapped a pic for my reference.


Posted 2011-04-23 by Mr. Guilt in food

2 responses to “Pie Crust Confusion!

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  1. I’ve had the same thing happen with online recipes that I’ve bookmarked – not available just when I need them. For my shopping lists though I usually do a spreadsheet of ingredients that I need to get so I’ve been able to go back to those – though it doesn’t tell me the “method” I can usually suss it out.

    • Typically, I’ve been copy’n’pasting the recipes into Word, creating a semi-consistent format, and adding my own notes. This one was so simple I guess I figured I didn’t need to do that.


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