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To understand this story, you have to know a few facts about my life.

First, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I live in a 120-year-old-house. One feature is that it has a stone basement. If the ground gets particularly saturated, it will seep water. This is how they designed it, so it’s not an issue. If it is extremely saturated, the basement will get a fair amount of water. For the most part, it means we can’t keep anything on the floor we mind getting wet.

Second, the door to the basement has a cat-sized hole. This allows access to the litter box, kept in the basement.

The third fact goes back to when Eddy first came to live with us. We wanted to keep him contained to one room, but the rooms that were best suited to that did not have doors. As my wife was pregnant, we bought a few baby gates (figuring we’d need them eventually. We’d do them two high. He figured out how to scale them, so I used zip ties and cardboard to block the mesh.

Between melting snow and on-and-off rain showers, it is about as flooded as it ever gets. This has made it difficult for Eddy to get to the litterbox. I moved it to a dryer spot, but he still had to go through a couple puddles coming off the stairs.

My clever wife made him a bridge.
Cat Bridge

Posted 2011-04-12 by Mr. Guilt in cats, Eddy, Family, felis silvestris catus

3 responses to “Cat Bridge

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  1. Nice! We still have baby gates that need to be repurposed, or donated, or something. (And for some strange reason, “Evenflo” always makes me think of Pearl Jam…)

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