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A week and a day ago, the Cincinnati Zoo’s giraffe had a baby. It was available to be seen by the public on Tuesday, but we just got out to see her today. There was a line to see her, which we happily waited in.

On the way, we met Forest, a ball python, and his keeper. The way she talked about him, you could tell there was obvious affection from her, and I think it was reciprocated (I can’t be sure–I’m not fluent in snake, even following the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra).
Forest and his Keeper

The mom and calf are still inside. They are’t going to enter the yard for a couple more weeks, to give them time to bond and the Cincinnati weather to stablize. So, we were looking down, through glass.
Baby Giraffe

Here she is with her mom, to give a sense of scale.
Looking Up to Mom

It was “zoo blooms” as well. My daughter shows one of her favorite flowers.
Caits & the Flower

Ever see an elephant smile?
Elephant Smile

Unfortunately, they are converting the cat house into a “Night Stalkers” exhibit. During construction, the only small cat out is the cheetah. This one looks regal, as if to say “We are not amused.
We Are Not Amused

The tigers were dozing, and looking for a belly rub.
Dozing Tiger

The lion gives his opinion of the whole “Night Stalkers” thing.


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