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Across the park from the Georgia Aquarium is the World of Coca-Cola. This museum has a variety of artifacts from the Atlanta-based company, as well as a tasting room, where you can taste all the products from around the globe.

In order to get in, you have to go through a metal detector and a bag search. If you want to double back to the gift shop, you have to go through it, too.
Security at World of Coca Cola Store

There are folks who wonder why I get so upset about the security implemented by TSA. In part, I question its efficacy, and the overall security theater it represents. Further, the normalization of these infringements on our rights means you start to see this in other places.

Word of Coca-Cola is a private business, and they can set whatever requirements they wish for entry. However, is this really necessary?


Posted 2011-04-09 by Mr. Guilt in rant, Spring Break 2011

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