Drizzly Day at Zoo Atlanta   1 comment

While in Atlanta, we went to Zoo Atlanta. Unfortunately, it was a fairly cool, drizzly day. Many animals were off exhibit, either due to the season or the weather.

The flamingos were huddled together.
Wet Flamingo

An elephant was working with his keeper…
Elephant and Keeper

…and sneaking a snack.
Elephant Snack

I’ve become a fan of rhinoceroses. This one is a black rhino.
Black Rhinoceros

What do cats do on drizzly, chilly day, but nap?
Sleepy Lions

The firefox, otherwise known as a red panda, took their lead.

Zoo Atlanta’s marque animal was their pandas.
Nomming Bamboo

Can’t you see I’m nomming some bamboo?
Do You Mind?!?!?

A baby was sleeping in a hamock–I had to do some weird stretches to take a photo.
Sleepy Panda Baby

The tiger enclosure was initially empty. We stood and examined it. Was he hiding behind a tree? I let out a half-hearted “here kitty-kitty-kitty.” More to amuse myself more than anything. We heard a roar. I tried again, “here kitty-kitty-kitty.” And he walked out.
He Came to See Me!!!

Quite the handsome tiger.
Showing Off his Stripes

After a brief visit, he went back into his off-exhibit area.
Thanks for Seeing Us, Mr. Tiger!

The kangaroos jumped!


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  1. that tiger is GORGEOUS!

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