Big Fish at the Georgia Aquarium   1 comment

While on our trip to Atlanta, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. I had heard this was an impressive facility. One picture, I think, captures this.
Big Aquarium

This the window of the large tank, which seemed larger than an IMAX screen. This held the only examples of whale sharks outside of Asia.
Whale Shark 1

Whale sharks are the largest species of fish in existence today. They can be up to 65 feet long.
Whale Shark 2

The Georgia Aquarium has four whale sharks.
Whale Sharks 3

Whale Shark 4

Really, these were simply amazing creatures to watch.

They also beluga whales.
Beluga Whale

They had the largest collection of lion fish I’d ever seen.
Lion Fish

Lion fish are not native to the waters around North America, but some got out of an aquarium in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew. There is now an invasive school of these venomous fish.

They also had a sea turtle bobbing by.
Giant Sea Turtle

Fishing cats weren’t welcome–they tend to confuse “aquariums” with “restaurants.” I had to settle for a catfish.

All in all, I’d say the Georgia Aquarium should be on a “must see” list for fans of aquariums.
Colorful Fish


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