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Last year, FastMac announced the U-Socket. Designed to replace a wall outlet, it adds two USB ports for charging devices. Given that I had a plethora of devices–from my bike computer to my phone–that are USB charged, I pre-ordered three.


After a year of final development, discussion with Underwriter’s Laboratory, and production, I finally got mine, and installed the first one. The big win is that it provides a spot to charge without a “wall wart”–a big transformer that plugs in. So, I can put one next to my nightstand, charge my phone, and still have outlets for my lamp and clock. The cable is still required, however.

I am pleased to see USB becoming a standard for charging devices, in part because it allows things such as the U-Socket to provide power without large boxes. I definitely recommend it.

2 responses to “Geeky Home Improvement

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  1. Nifty concept. I can see it being a bit of a niche market. Not everyone is comfortable with wiring. I would like to see one which is a single outlet with USB chargers in place of the other outlet. That way you can change face plates or put them side by side.

    The safety listing process had to be fun. Power supply and outlet. Hence multiple standards to be met. And probably had to get FCC part 15 too if the clock frequency of the switching power supply was high enough.

  2. I’m taking your word for it – just ordered 2 (1 for me; 1 for a gift)

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