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Geeky Home Improvement   2 comments

Last year, FastMac announced the U-Socket. Designed to replace a wall outlet, it adds two USB ports for charging devices. Given that I had a plethora of devices–from my bike computer to my phone–that are USB charged, I pre-ordered three.


After a year of final development, discussion with Underwriter’s Laboratory, and production, I finally got mine, and installed the first one. The big win is that it provides a spot to charge without a “wall wart”–a big transformer that plugs in. So, I can put one next to my nightstand, charge my phone, and still have outlets for my lamp and clock. The cable is still required, however.

I am pleased to see USB becoming a standard for charging devices, in part because it allows things such as the U-Socket to provide power without large boxes. I definitely recommend it.

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