Duran Duran is Back   1 comment

Confession: in middle school, I liked Duran Duran.

OK, perhaps that is a more shameful thing for a guy to say in high school in the mid-eighties, but there you have it. Of course, they didn’t make things easier. While their first three albums were pretty good, he slide to pretension was swift aft that. I moved on to Making Movies and Drum, Hat, Buddah.

In iTunes a few weeks ago, I saw you could download the title track from their newest album, All You Need is Now. Perhaps it was the mood I was in, or how I heard the lyrics from an older perspective, but I dug it. I downloaded the album, and it seems to be the best stuff I’ve heard from them since 1985.

Buying a new Duran Duran album as I drift into my four ties–who knew?

Posted 2011-01-08 by Mr. Guilt in Music

One response to “Duran Duran is Back

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  1. Ya just never know. I only attended the George Micheal tour, a couple years ago, because tix were SUPER cheap ($250 floor seats for $25) and I knew someone who wanted to go. It ended up being one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen!

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