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Beanbag Barn Cat   1 comment

When my daughter was younger, there were pink beanbags for sale at a kiosk at the mall. She loved to go there and lay in them. My mom got her her own pink bean bag, with kitties and her name on it. She hasn’t used it as much as she used to.

Eddy has recently decided this is a great place for him to take a nap.
Beanbag Barn Cat

I’m glad to see someone is using it.

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Duran Duran is Back   1 comment

Confession: in middle school, I liked Duran Duran.

OK, perhaps that is a more shameful thing for a guy to say in high school in the mid-eighties, but there you have it. Of course, they didn’t make things easier. While their first three albums were pretty good, he slide to pretension was swift aft that. I moved on to Making Movies and Drum, Hat, Buddah.

In iTunes a few weeks ago, I saw you could download the title track from their newest album, All You Need is Now. Perhaps it was the mood I was in, or how I heard the lyrics from an older perspective, but I dug it. I downloaded the album, and it seems to be the best stuff I’ve heard from them since 1985.

Buying a new Duran Duran album as I drift into my four ties–who knew?

Posted 2011-01-08 by Mr. Guilt in Music

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