Louisiana Hodge-Podge   2 comments

I wanted to share a few more photos from our trip to Louisiana.

First, a few years ago, almost as a joke, my mom started a flamingo-themed Christmas tree. It took on a life of its own, until now it is her main tree.
Flamingo Tree

Christmas Flamingo

My wife and I took a walk along the lake. I took a picture of First Federal Bank. When I got out of college but before moving to Cincinnati, I spent about three years working there (not including the summers while in college). This was my first IT job.

Of the 184 people who perished at the Pentagon on 9/11, two were from the Lake Area. A memorial has been set up on the Lakefront, including pieces of the World Trade Center, as well as a piece of granite from the Pentagon.
September 11 Memorial

The I-10 bridge across the Lake is one of my favorite bridges. One decorative feature is that, on both sides, there are life-sized crossed pistols lining the bridge. They simply don’t do that sort of detail work anymore.
I-10 Bridge

My mom said a pair of pelicans has been hanging out in the lake. I was able to catch one of them flying about.
Pelican Over the Lake

One last shot is a happy accident. I was setting up a tripod with the remote for my camera, with the intent of taking a family shot. I wanted to do a test shot, to make sure it was set up. The camera didn’t seem to respond–it turns out the indicator light was blocked by the strap.

However, I kept hitting the remote as I walked back towards the camera. Once I realized what was going on, I was able to smile, and get a not-half-bad self-portrait.
Goofy Charles

Cropped down, this has become my new avatar picture.
Goofy Charles Profile Pic

Posted 2011-01-03 by Mr. Guilt in Louisiana

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  1. Love the happy accident picture!

    We have 2 pelicans in Long Beach who stand on top of street lights, which I find just “wrong” enough to be hysterically fascinating. But I’ve never managed to get a pic.

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