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French Quarter   1 comment

In addition to going to the zoo, we walked around the French Quarter. That night, my mom watched my daughter, so my wife and I got to go out. We got some incredible pecan pie at the Camellia Grill–I didn’t know they had a location there.
Pecan Pie

We also walked through Jackson Square. In addition to the fortune tellers and street performers, we came across a telescope from Sidewalk Astronomy.
Sidewalk Astronomy

We were back at Cafe du Monde the next day, for my daughter to try out the beignets.
Cafe du Monde

Powdered Sugar Monster!

We had a great day!
Jackson Square

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We Went on Down to the Audubon Zoo   5 comments

…and they all ask’d for you.

While in Louisiana visiting my mom, sisters, etc, we took a couple days to go to New Orleans. Naturally, a zoo was involved, the Audubon Zoo. They had a lot of flamingos.
Bending Flamingo

Flamingos were the favorite of my mom, along with elephants.

They had two white tigers, who were napping.
White Tiger

The amur leopard is among the rarest of cats, with an estimated 30 in the wild and another 200-300 in captivity. There were three in New Orleans, including a cub.
Amur Leopard Cub

They also had a jaguar, who seemed rather pensive…
Pensive Jaguar

…until an emergency bath was required.
Jaguar Bath

In the next exhibit was a baby jaguar.
Baby Jaguar

Perhaps the high point of the collection was a set of Louisiana animals, in a swap. The had a bear.
Louisiana Bear

An alligator swam by some ducks.
Gator and Ducks

There was a very handsome cougar, giving some insight into Joseph and Tecumseh’s future:
(Big) Cougar Bath

Nearby, a raccoon hung out in a tree.

One exhibit had nutria, a small rodent native to the area.

The Audubon Zoo is one of the few places you can see white alligators.
White Alligator

Several otters were playing and swimming.
Swimming Otter

Stretching Otter

The bobcats were wrapping up their day.
Stretching Bobcat

Stalking Bobcat

Sly foxes watched the visitors.
Red Fox

Giraffes demonstrated big, bigger, biggest.
Giraffe Sizes

Perhaps a bit of state pride resulted in the inclusion of pelicans.

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