My Wife Adopted a Cat for Me   3 comments

In fact, it was a FISHING CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Fishing Cat Adoption (Protected)

Of course, it will have to stay at the zoo. And I don’t know which one it is. The picture is of Miss Minnow, so I’ll assume it is her.
Minnow Dives

Though I suppose it may have been the one who had fishing kittens (cubs) a last year.
Fishing Cat Family

Or even the handsome father.
Proud Papa Fishing Cat

In any case, I’m quite excited by this! Now, do you suppose the zoo will let me take my fishing cat out for sushi?


Posted 2010-12-25 by Mr. Guilt in cats, fishing cats

3 responses to “My Wife Adopted a Cat for Me

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  1. What an awesome gift… so perfect for you!

    I hope you get a “backstage tour” with it.

    • It was quite sweet.

      Sadly, no backstage tour. However, I’m known to the cat ambassador folks via Facebook. They even name-checked me in a cheetah show.

  2. That’s a fantastic gift.

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