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Christmas in the Data Center   Leave a comment

I wrote this a few years ago, but it is repeating.

It’s Christmas in the data center
And the staff has all gone home
It’s the one day every year
When the servers are all alone

But just because they are machines
Doesn’t mean they don’t spread yuletide joy
Now that they’ve served web pages
To every girl and every boy

The switches and routers
Blink their lights of red and green
While the backup drives wish for tapes
From Santa, who’s still unseen

The LINUX box gave the Windows box
Several gigs of RAM
The Solaris server gave them all
Filters, to fight off spam

The mainframe and the PC
Share some Christmas cheer
And the security camera watched
To see when Santa will be near

The firewalls blocked the packets
Trying to peek at their still-unwrapped gifts
Everyone needs to be done
Before the operators return to their shift

Santa Clause comes in through a CRAC
And steps on to the raised floor
That’s how he enters the data center
He doesn’t just walk through a glass door

He gives out processors and disks
And patches to make them stable
And to the database servers he gives
Brand new reindexed tables

He upgrades the UPS
So it can give out extra power
And gives more fuel to the generators
They can run for forty-eight hours!

The network bandwidth
Was upgraded with an OC3
One circuit! Two circuits!
To ensure redundancy

Santa suspended monitoring
So no SysAdmin would get a naughty surprise
And though there were no windows
they knew that the sun would soon rise

Santa went back through the CRAC
‘Cause it was past time for him to go
And, to the servers he offered
One last “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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