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I’ve been on a lot of outage calls lately. One ran literally overnight. In fact, I’m on one right now. It’s part of having a job in IT. Both my wife and I are on-call 24×7, and have taken calls at various times. We’ve gotten to where we can sleep through each other’s pager (most of the time).

As I’ve mentioned before, my cats have taken on the self-appointed role of “on-call kitty.” Basically, one of them would hang out with whoever had to get up and deal with the issue. Maggie seemed to start this, but Eddy took to the role after a few years.

Admittedly, they don’t do much. Sometimes, they will cuddle up next to whoever is has been paged. Or, they’ll just doze on the couch. It doesn’t seem like much, but just having the presence of another being makes a long, lonely call more tolerable. It is definitely something we both appreciate.

Ball of On-Call Kitty

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