Yet Another Password Reset   2 comments

You may have heard that Gawker Media has a password file hacked. Users who created accounts may have had their passwords exposed. Slate has a widget for checking if your account was impacted. This includes:

  • Lifehacker
  • io9
  • Gizmodo
  • …and a few others (check my first link for a full list–these are sites I’ve been known to follow)

This has kicked off a broader password reset for me, in case I used a password in common. Syncing so many accounts (including mail, web tools, and others) across so many sites is challenging–I have a spreadsheet to track it. I try to rotate passwords periodically, so this is driving me to do so earlier.

I encourage everyone to change passwords (especially if you commented on a Gawker site). It may be a pain for a few days, but it is better than the risk of a hacked account.


Posted 2010-12-14 by Mr. Guilt in computers, Internet, IT Opinion

2 responses to “Yet Another Password Reset

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  1. Wow. Um….. but not stuff like facebook and wordpress?

    Freedom Smith
    • WordPress and FaceBook were not hacked as part of this.

      The problem is that if you use the same username and password, it puts those sites at risk.

      Best Practice is to use a different password for every account, but I confess I can’t keep that up. So, I’m definitely changing the accounts that used that password, and the rest for the general goodness of changing passwords periodically.

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