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Louisiana Tie for #necktiethursdayWhen I started at my current job over a dozen years ago, one of the biggest perks was “business casual.” Prior to that, I generally had to wear at least a tie. Getting to wear khakis and an open collar was a perk.

I’m rather surprised that I’ve joined in with some of the newer guys in the office, to wear ties in the office. As I have mentioned before, I had a whole stash of ties that I simply wasn’t getting the opportunity to wear. I think that I wear ties perhaps three or four times a year, and typically not to occasions where, say, a Snoopy tie is appropriate.

What I discovered? Well, men are fairly boring dressers. Absent ties, we all look fairly the same. Guys, tell me if you’ve heard this: “How come I didn’t get the memo” when a conference room contains men all wearing the same shirt.

Each week at my office, a few more guys are wearing ties. I’m going to invite the others on the Internet to join in. If you do so, tweet about it, with the #necktiethursday hashtag.


Posted 2010-11-17 by Mr. Guilt in amusing, work

4 responses to “Get Ready for #NeckTieThursday

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  1. I am wearing a necktie today to work. A classic Looney-Toons peeking out of a traditional tie pattern. It’s a good 15 yrs old :) I specifically like that it has Marvin the Martian on it.

  2. If I ever find my ties (I own about 4 and can’t account for any of them), I’ll join in. I LOOOVE ties… on me or on men.

  3. So, are you getting people to wear ties on Thursdays? Hope you will share some of your wackier ties with us!

    Freedom Smith
    • Our numbers in my office have increased. In fact, some of my peeps on Twitter were expressing interest. Week after next, the phenomenon may grow!

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