An Hour and Half, 367 Pictures, and Two Cats   11 comments

The Cincinnati Zoo has two new cougar cubs. We went down today to meet them. One surprising thing was they had spots.


And amazing blue eyes!
Sweet Cougar Eyes

Cougar Eyes

And paws at least a two sizes too big for their bodies.
Huge Paw

Cougars are also known as “pumas,” “mountain lions,” and “panthers.” This little one practice a classic mountain lion pose.
Classic Mountain Lion Pose

One dozed; the other seemed to have a very special relationship with his bowl.
Tongue & Bowl

Bowl Addict 2

Burried Nose

Of course, it seems to be any bowl…
Bowl Addiction

We have a special fondness for cats sticking out the tip of their tongues.
Cougar Tongue

The not-so-sleeping cougar tried to make friends with his adoring public.
Can Someone Please Play With Me?

Will You Be My Friend?

Cougar’s conservation status is listed as “least concern,” with the main threats being habitat loss, human encroachment, and bad jokes based on slang. The AZA didn’t recommend captive breeding for years. An increase in overall capacity to house cats has allowed them to be bred. A cub in Oregon was the first born under this policy. I assume that these two were next.
Cougar Gaze

The sibling woke up, and the cougar wrestling started up.
Wrestling Cougars #1

Cougar Tangle


Cougar Wrestling #2

Cougar Wrestling #3

Get Back!

The only animal we saw today were these cougars. We spent an hour and a half, but they were an absolute joy to watch. I snapped 367 pictures of them, though these were the best. I think at the end, we were as tired as these guys.


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11 responses to “An Hour and Half, 367 Pictures, and Two Cats

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  1. so cute!

    homework assignment: find out the age when their eyes change color.

    • Hmmmm…the easiest way to accomplish that may be a field study (i.e. observe these cougars over the course of several months).

      It’s a hard job, but it’s in the name of SCIENCE!

      • I wish I was motivated to go to the zoo, like you are. While the best zoos (LA and SD) are pretty far, there’s a mini zoo near my office that I should really go check out sometime. I hear it’s big ‘thing’ is monkeys.

    • I spoke to one of their trainers last night–they are going to be part of the Cat Ambassador show next summer. Their eyes are starting to change color.

      Their spots are also starting to fade, and they are getting into trouble.

  2. Wow, wow, wow – a great post. The eyes are amazing – the second shot from the top is my favourite followed by the one with the paws on the window.

  3. There are pictures of these cats on today, and I can honestly say that your images are about ten times better than what their “professional” photographer got. Well done, Mr. Guilt.

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