Necktie Thursday   4 comments

One of my coworkers declared Thursday “Necktie Day.” Many have joined in the fun. Before I started with my current company, I had to wear ties almost every day, so I have quite the stockpile.

One sad thing about it is that I have several fun ties that would be OK for a random Thursday in the office, but not for the occasions I wear ties to these days (weddings, etc.).

Necktie Thursday 10/27/2010

This particular tie is from a series made for the Save the Children foundation, where kids drew the pattern, and it was made into a tie. I like this one because it almost looks like a typical necktie pattern, until you look at it…and realize, it’s a giraffe.


Posted 2010-10-28 by Mr. Guilt in amusing, work

4 responses to “Necktie Thursday

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  1. awesome tie.
    necktie Thursday must be followed by Hawai’ian shirt Friday. ’tis the law

  2. What a wonderful tie! It also has Halloween colors. Now you will have a day to wear your fun neckties on!

    Freedom Smith
  3. Very snazzy tie! In my office the guys in one department wear Hawaiian shirts one day a week and another department wear blue shirts on the same day.

  4. I love this tie.
    I have quite the collection of ties myself, but none as cool as this.
    I might have to hunt one down.

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