Last Weekend for Cheetah Runs   2 comments

This was the last weekend for the cheetah runs at the zoo. It was also “Hallow-Zoo-Ween,” when they set up trick-or-treating. So, we went out to see the cats.

We went to the cat house, where there was a bobcat. I should note that those who really know him call him “Robert.”
His Friends Call Him "Robert"

The snow leopard was in a mood for good portraits.
Snow Leopard Portait

My daughter had just gotten some boots that had a snow leopard-like print on them. She had to show the cat.
Our Feet Look the Same

One of the tigers was spending his Caturday waiting for a belly rub (I hope he got it).
Someone Wants a Belly Rub

We got to the Cheetah Encounter. Miss Minnow dived after fish.
Minnow Dives

Nia ran today–I got this great shot of her in action.
Nia on the Hunt

She looked like quite the pedestal after her run.
Princess on a Pedastal

We also got to see Sarah, the World’s Fastest Mammal, do what she does best.
Sara Runs

I’m already looking forward to seeing them next year.


Posted 2010-10-23 by Mr. Guilt in cats, cheetahs, Cincinnati Zoo, fishing cats

2 responses to “Last Weekend for Cheetah Runs

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  1. Fabulous pictures! You really should be taking these for National Geographic, they are so terrific. These cats are gorgeous! The one of your daughter holding up her boot is adorable!

    I love all of the pictures. Each one is special in its own way. Bravo!

    Freedom Smith
  2. the pic with your daughter is too cute1!!

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