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I dare say many of the folks reading my blog are what I have termed in my RSS reader as “Vox Refugees.” We all received notice about a month ago that Six Apart decided to discontinue their Vox service. Yesterday, September 30, was its final day.

When it came out in 2006, I think Vox had a great “fit-to-purpose.” For a casual blogger, you were able to produce a pretty good looking blog for minimal effort. The concepts of “Neighborhoods,” “Friends,” and “Family” made a simple security model. It worked and played well with several popular services, such as YouTube and Flickr.

After a year or two, though, it started to feel old. In 2006, FireFox and Internet Explorer were really the only choices for browsers, and attaching a picture to an e-mail really was the best anyone could hope for for a mobile solution.

By 2008, the iPhone demonstrated just what the mobile web could be. Safari was becoming a key player with Chrome following behind it. Twitter was showing the value of stand-alone applications driven by an API. Other players (such as WordPress) quickly embraced these changes. Vox continued to soldier on like it was 2006.

While I dipped my toe in the water here and there, getting an iPad is what finally convinced me that Vox was dieing. Here was what many viewed as a revolutionary product–something that would bring “mobile” to the forefront. Vox offered little in the way of support. It was still operating like it was 2006, with FireFox and IE as the whole world. I figured we’d either see Vox 2.0 or the service would be rolled in with one of Six Apart’s other offerings. It seems the latter option is the closest fit.

Overall, I view Vox fondly. I really started blogging with it, and met a lot of great folks. For the most part, I’ve been on WordPress all summer; I moved on. Still, I’m sad to see it go, doubly so as it simply faded away due to neglect.


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6 responses to “Vox is Now Closed

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  1. Vox was good for beginning bloggers and those not wanting to put much effort in learning more difficult things. And it was a fun place back in the day. But over the years things went downhill. The friends I made there mostly moved on a while ago. I never found lots of neighbors so I’ve never felt anything special for Vox.

    I had already started moving myself to WordPress when the closing announcement was revealed. The handful of neighbors I had there moved here so it made keeping up with them easier!

  2. If it weren’t for the ease of Vox, and it launching right when I was thinking of trying to blog, I never would have started writing posts… so I’d be semi-insane from not venting, and wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I now consider genuine friends.

    I’m mad at how they handled the closure but accept that corporations do what’s best for them, no for their customers.

    • The ease of use was a big win, as was the community aspect of it. I regard myself as very tech-savy, but Vox made creating something fairly easy.

      The closure was really poorly done overall. They allowed the product to languish for, I’m going to say, at least a year (but more like two). Then, one day, they give us thirty days to get out, with very little explanation.

      On the other hand, it was a free service, and there was only so much they could do. At least we did get the opportunity to get ourselves out, and create our own network.

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  4. What I miss the most is the privacy of having my posts set to “neighborhood only.” I felt safe saying and posting honestly and openly. Now, I find that I post more towards the public post and I try to not overuse the password option. But I sure miss the honesty and openness that I had at Vox.

    Nevertheless, I am thrilled to still have my Vox friends. I am glad I joined Vox in time to make some dear friends.

    Freedom Smith
  5. I enjoyed the community feel of Vox – I think I will miss that on WP. I didn’t have a lot of the problems that other Voxers seemed to have but when rumours started about 12 months ago that vox might close I backed everything up to WP so it was a fairly easy transfer last month. I will think fondly on my 3 vox years.

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