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I can bake. I make good cookies. My family loves my pizza. My bread is well known. However, cakes have ellduded me.

I can bake a decent cake, but when it comes to frosting them, I’ve always had one issue or another. I once tore apart a cake, requiring a trip to Busken for my daughter’s birthday.

So, I stick to cookies, or pretzels, or bagels. Once in a while, I’ll venture into cupcakes.

But, every year, I have to try again. My daughter’s school is asking for cakes for the school carnival. They are big on volunteering, so I thought I would try. I wasn’t however, sure I was ready to take a chance I’d have to go to Busken again. So, tonight I made a practice cake.

Practice Cake

We’ll cut it tomorrow, as my daughter has gone to bed. However, so far, so good.


Posted 2010-09-24 by Mr. Guilt in food

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  1. want tips:
    If you make a lot of cakes, invest in some meringue powder to add to the mix. it makes the cakes hold better. you can buy the powder at most craft stores (in the Wilton cake supplies section).

    cut the uneven side to be even. there are special slicers to do this (again, cake section) but dental floss would work too.

    dust off all the cake crumbs before you start decorating.

    if you’re using canned frosting, stir it up a bit to smooth it out. if you’re making frosting, that meringue power will come in handy again.

    put enough icing between the layers for it to ooze out a bit when you press the layers together.

    use a long spatula to spread icing on the outside of the cake (consider getting an offset spatula, they’re not expensive and you can use them for other cooking projects). start icing at the top, center. spread out in circles, and over the sides. then do the sides.

    it’s great that you keep trying! i only have to fail at something a couple times before i give up forever.

    • The cake itself usually comes out OK; it’s the frosting where I usually fail. The key thing, I think, is patience: I need to wait until everything is good and cool.

  2. In cake decorating class, I was taught to put the cake layers in the refrig to get them cooler and then they do not crumble as much when you are icing them. So you buy your icing at the store? It should be fairly easy to ice the cake. We started with a thin layer to catch the crumbs and then came back with more icing. When I am decorating a cake, I take a knife and dip it into a glass of water. I shake off the excess water and smooth the icing out on the cake. Using this method over and over (without to much water) will get a very smooth finish to the cake. But even if you don’t want to get that fancy, just icing it with a thin layer first to catch the crumbs and then a thicker layer should help!! Good luck!

    Freedom Smith

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