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I’ve been following a blog called The Setup for a few months now. It describes itself as “a bunch of nerdy interviews.”

Basically, it is a series of interviews with various contemporary geeky people, such as Jonathan Coulton (Internet Rocker), Tim Bray (from Google), Bert Kersey (Apple II designer), or Richard Stallman (the founder of GNU), focusing on the tools they use. There are four basic questions:

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • What hardware do you use?
  • And the Software?
  • What would be your dream setup?

It provides an interesting look into people and their tools, and why they use what they use. Surprising is how much Apple is in the mix, as well as how many people are more or less happy with what they got.

It also has one of the most cleaver URL schemes out there. The domain is, with the “host” being the name of the person interviewed. So, you wind up with

I’ve enjoyed the insight into how different people select and use tools. It’s introduced me to some things I hadn’t heard of, and got me thinking about the tools I select. Definitely worth a read.

Posted 2010-09-23 by Mr. Guilt in Geeky

3 responses to “Blog Suggestion: The Setup

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  1. i love that you only give details on 2 of the people, like I’ll know who the others are (I have no clue).

    I’ll have to check out the site later. It sounds interesting.

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