Joe Jackson Rocks   3 comments

I always associated Joe Jackson with light pop. In part, it was from my first exposure to him being “Stepping Out,” and”Is She Really Going Out With Him;” in part due to this being tied, in my head, to Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly,” released about the same time with the same feel.

However, a recent Cover Story on the Coverville podcast exposed me to more of his music, increased my iTunes store bill, and taught me that Joe Jackson rocks.


Posted 2010-09-21 by Mr. Guilt in Music

3 responses to “Joe Jackson Rocks

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  1. He does rock. I actually have an embarrassing story about getting all mad at someone who thought he didn’t rock. (That was back in the teenage years, back when a single kilobyte of memory took up eight city blocks.) Maybe I’ll tell the story on my blog sometime. Maybe.

    The metalheads Anthrax did a cover of his “Got the Time.” Great stuff.

  2. I’m a rabid JJ fan. He’s one of those artists who plays whatever the hell he wants to, meaning if he feels like changing genres, he does. Of all his albums, Big World is probably my favorite, but I love them all. Superb pianist.

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