The Wall Above My Desk   1 comment

The Joys of Restickable Glue

It started small, on the wall to the side of my desk, with just a few race bibs and one or two snapshots. In January, when I installed the shelves, I moved the pictures to above my desk. I discovered I had a lot more room to work with.

Gradually, pictures were added. Pictures of my family. Pictures of my bike. Pictures I took of cats. More race bibs were added. The numbers and some of the picture are attached with restickable glue, like on the back of a Post-It. Some pictures are printed on Post-It photo paper.

As it grew, it moved from a weird Mr. Guilt thing, to a bit of decor.

My daughter’s desk is to the left of mine. She has started her own small collection, which is in the lower left hand of the picture.

This was inspired by a few tweets I exchanged with @DYISara, about restickable glue. She asked to see the wall; all I had were some of the earliest pictures. I’m actually quite fond of it.

Posted 2010-09-13 by Mr. Guilt in house

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