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Maggie in Profile

14 years ago yesterday, I was single, though dating the woman who would become my wife. Over the course of the summer, we befriended a cat who was hanging out in her parking lot. As the days grew shorter and cooler, we began to worry about her. We asked around, and it became pretty clear that she was either a stray or, more likely, abandoned.

At this point in my life, I had never had a pet cat–only dogs. I dare say that, aside from this critter, I was rather ambivalent. However, it cost me nothing to take in a cat, were my girlfriend would be charged an extra fee. I thought I would take her in first, and see how it worked out.

We picked took her to the vet after work, and asked that she be checked out and bathed. We picked her up the next day, and brought her to my apartment. While she was a bit skittish, coming back in from the Out, she eventually started hanging out with me. We bonded, and, in me, a cat person was born.

Maggie Relaxes on a Chair

At this point, Maggie is estimated to be 19 years old. She has been with me through the move to this house, marrying my wife, and the birth of my daughter. Over the years, she has had a few health problems, but, of late, she is almost aging backwards, demanding pettins’ and bites of bagel.

She still has the loudest, most wonderful purr (though it is hard to capture on an iPhone).

Happy anniversary, Maggie!


Posted 2010-09-12 by Mr. Guilt in cats, felis silvestris catus, Maggie

3 responses to “Maggie’s Anniversery

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  1. Happy anniversary to the kitty!

  2. What a wonderful picture of Maggie! I cannot believe she is 19! I could hear her purr on the video when I turned my computer volume on high!! She looks like a wonderful pet and I know you must be happy that she came into your life and turned you into a cat person!!!!

    Freedom Smith
  3. Sometimes love found in a parking lot is lifelong. :o)

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