Maggie Checks Out the New Blog   3 comments

Maggie Checks Out the New Blog

Now that I’m blogging here full time, I figure I need a picture some of my cats.


Posted 2010-09-06 by Mr. Guilt in cats, felis silvestris catus, Maggie

3 responses to “Maggie Checks Out the New Blog

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  1. Maggie sez “Pleh”

    I like how her orangeness radiates

  2. I think your next post should be a second cat looking at the above picture and then a third cat looking at the picture of the second cat looking at Maggie looking at your new blog.

    Do you have enough cats for that?

    • Alas, I have but two cats. The cat ambassador program hasn’t gotten back to me on my offer of a sleep-over, so there is still hope.

      I will, however, see if Eddy will agree to help.

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