Minnow is Back!   3 comments

While we were cry excited to see Nia run at the cheetah show last time we went, we were disappointed Minnow, the Fishing Cat, didn’t make an appearance. There was a tweet over the weekend: she’s back! Sunday, we went to see, and she did great!

Minnow the Fishing Cat
Minnow, with trainer Linda.

Minnow demonstrated how fishing cats jump into the water to get their fish. Note the webbed feet.
Getting Ready...


Refreshing Dip

Fishing cats can also lay in wait, getting low in the water like an alligator. It also caused some frustration when her time in the show was over, and she didn’t want to leave.
She Learned this from an Alligator...

One program for cheetah conservation has been providing farmers in Africa Anatolian shepherd dogs. The dog’s bark will scare away a cheetah, protecting the flock. In doing so, the farmers have no reason to kill the cheetah. Pow Wow is part of the cat ambassador program, to educate about this and, occasionally, demonstrate her mighty bark.
Will You Bark, Pow Wow?

Cleo the serval came out.
Cleo the Serval

In addition to deem onstrating their jumping ability, Cleo showed how having long legs help you get your prey.
The Long Arm of the Serval

Normally, only two cheetahs will appear at a show. At this one, however, Chance came out to say “Hi” before everyone got down to business.
Chance Stops By

Bravo, Chance’s brother, made the first run.
Running Bravo

Somehow, the lure bounced, and got hung up in a fence. This made for an easy cat for our boy.
Tracking a Lure

The last run was made by Sara, the world record holder for cheetahs (and, by extension, mammals).
Flying Sara

Thanks to Sara and the rest of the cat ambassador program for a great afternoon!
Crouching Cheetah


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  1. Hey!! I found you.
    I am here as well.


  2. Hey! I moved too. Feel free to add me to the blogroll.

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