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Five years ago today, we were evacuated from our house. Six months before, a tanker car full of styrene was parked within a mile of my house. It sat there until springing a leak the day before. People immediately around the leak were evacuated; we were told to shelter in place (close windows, turn off the air conditioner). This is something that we had to do on occasion growing up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lake Charles is home to many chemical plants, including, ironically, the plant where the styrene was produced.

The next morning, I left for work. By the time we got there, our whole neighborhood was evacuated.
Styrene Leak Evacuation

I drove back to see if I could talk my way into my house to get out my cats. This was denied. However, at the end of the day, we were permitted in. I got the cats and a few random items, then met my wife and daughter. We all spent the night at a hotel that allowed pets, but not exactly close. The next day, we boarded the cats at the vet, and found a room closer to home.

The day after that the evacuation was lifted. We got our cats, and returned home.

It was, in the great scheme of things, not a great thing. At the same time, New Orleans was experiences the worst of Katrina. Still, it was something that stands out for us.


Posted 2010-08-29 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati, house

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