Nia Can Sprint!   2 comments

Last year, the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador program got a new baby cheetah, named Nia. She had her first birthday last month, and is running in the shows. I got to see her run for the first time today. She has it down!
Sprinting Nia!

She can catch a lure.
Nia Has the Lure!

Of course, she also likes treats…does her trainer have one?
What Does She Have?
(I think that is Linda, the person who writes their blog and tweets.)

Chance, an older cheetah, also ran. For a portion of each stride, all for paws of a running cheetah are off the ground. Chance demonstrates this well.
Chance, in Flight

Chance took his “kill” into the shade for…what does he do when he catches the lure (oh yeah…wait for a trainer to bring a treat).
Taking the Lure Under a Tree

Jambo the serval demonstrates how he could get a bird flying by.
Jumping Serval

With all the cubs gone, the fishing cats can relax.
Fishing Cat in a Log

Fishing Cat, Intrupted Sleep

A black footed cat tries to see how long he can stretch out to.
Long BFC is Long

The snow leopard was shy today, busy bathing herself.
Shy Snow Leopard


2 responses to “Nia Can Sprint!

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  1. Those are amazing shots!

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