Ships in San Diego’s Bay   Leave a comment

While in San Diego, we got to see a number of ships in San Diego Bay.
Sailing Ship

There were a lot of military, including the USS Nimitz
USS Nimitz

…the USS Carl Vinson
USS Carl Vinson

…and a sub base, with Los Angeles class subs.
Sub Base

The aircraft carriers were particularly intriguing. First, I had never seen a carrier in person before. What struck me is how large and small they are at the same time. They are among the largest ships I’ve ever seen, yet, when I try to imagine landing an airplane on one, they seemed small, especially with the airport’s runway nearby.

A special treat was the HMNZS Te Kaha, a ship of the New Zealand Navy. We were able to go aboard and look around. They had their SH-2 helicopter on deck.


While out in the bay, we got to see a lot of sea lions.
Sleepy Sea Lion Family

Sunbathing Sea Lions


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