Balboa Park Aircraft   3 comments

While we opted not to go in, there were two aircraft on display in front of the San Diego Areospace Museum. One of them was a prototype of the Sea Dart, the only sea plane to break the sound barrier.
Sea Dart

The second was the A-12 OXCART. This was the “big brother” in the Blackbird family, my second favorite vehicle made of titanium.
Oxcart Belly

The A-12 was built for the CIA, and preceded the SR-71. I don’t believe it ever flew for the Air Force itself, in spite of these markings.
Oxcart Side

The A-12/SR-71/M-21/YF-12 were made of titanium, making them my second favorite vehicle made in that material.


Posted 2010-07-18 by Mr. Guilt in Aircraft, San Diego Trip 2010

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